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2016, Medford

Dynastacius Collins

An explanation of how beatboxing is learned, what it means to Dynastacius to be a beatboxer, and a demonstration of how beatboxing is used in his personal musical practice.

Dynastacius is an amateur musician from the midwest.

Erik Brunar
Nationality and Identity

Erik riffs about his personal understanding of his own identity and how it corresponds (or doesn't) to his passport.

Erik was born in Germany, split his childhood between Canada, the US, and France, and he has an Austrian passport. Erik currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

David Suisman
Sound as a Weapon

David shares some insights from the research he is doing for his next book, about the history of the militarization of sound.

David is a professor of American History and he loves snazzy trousers.

Brian Dolan
Why the Gig Economy is a Good Thing

Tracy Rolling
Robot Cartography

How is geodata collected automatically, by whom, and for what purposes? This talk walks through all of the ways that location and cartographic data can be collected automatically, from mobile phones through lidar and drones. Who collects all of this data, what do they use it for, and how are our data collections biased and distorted because of it?

Tracy Rolling is a consultant focused on emerging technology, especially the IoT. Most recently she worked as Senior Product Owner at Philips, building mobile applications connected to multiple kinds of health tracking devices. She has previously worked on research projects in VR, AR, and wearables.

Aaron Olmstead

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Vigo Brunar
One Thing I Remember about Each City I have Visited in My Life

Vigo shows one beautiful image and shares one memorable moment from each city he has visited during his life.

Vigo is a 15-year-old high school student who lives in Berlin and has the good fortune to travel frequently with his family. He loves to travel and usually his favorite city in the world is the one he is in at the moment, except for Paris, where he was born. He does not care for Paris.

Edgar Reiher
German and American Culture: Some Differences

Edgar discusses some of the differences he has noticed during his first visit the the United States between his own native culture and America.

Edgar Reiher is a high school student Born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He has been visiting the US for the first time.
Derrick Rossi
Homeopoetic Stem Cells and their Applications

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