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2015, Berlin

The 2015 Beagle was held at the Remedy Studio for Moving Mind and Body in Berlin, Germany.

Stephanie Custance
Black Locust

Stephanie reads her fictional short story, which is part of a collection she is working on.

Stephanie Custance makes things. Mostly drawings, stories, and cocktails.

Johanna Thompson

Johanna Thompson shows her watercolor paintings of the pathogens which cause STDs.

Johanna Thompson is an artist and teacher, living in Berlin, Germany.

Joe Edelman

Joe explains the ways in which people and organizations pretend to use data to make decisions.

Joe Edelman is a modern dancer and amateur cook. He is currently growing his beard out.

Tracy Rolling
Contemporary Immortality

Tracy shares some thoughts about what the current quest for immortality means.

Tracy Rolling likes to make things and to make things happen.

Erik Brunar
A Marshall Plan for Refugees

Erik explains his idea to create an international aid plan for refugees.

Erik Brunar is a thinker and a mover.

Ami Garmon
Pilates for Potheads

Ami Garmon presents a user manual for your body.

Ami Garmon is a creator, performer, dance, and the founding owner of Remedy Studio for Moving Mind and Body.

I am a Woman

Nicole reads her poetry.

Nicole is a creative mind.

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