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2017, Taipei

The 2017 Beagle was hosted by the Taipei Hackerspace on October 29 from 14:00-22:00

Eva Effertz
How I Got Obsessed with Recolor

Eva gives a demo of her favorite time-gobbling mobile app, Recolor. She walks us through all the basic features and shows us how to share our coloring pages with one another through the app.


Kai Carver
Freedom of Speech

Ad lib about what freedom of speech is, how it’s threatened, and why we should defend it.

Kai is an unemployed American/French/German computer programmer living in Taipei. Find him on Github

Erik Brunar
What's the Deal with Hayek

Erik outlines Hayek's basic economic tenants and explains how he has been researching the book The Road to Serfdom for a German Leftist theater project.


Kalle Kaarne

Kalle outlines the differences between German and Finnish sauna culture and introduces a new project he is doing with some Berlin friends to visit and review all the saunas they can in Berlin on their website Saunamafia.

Kalle is a Finn living in Berlin where he also works as a software engineer.

Guillaume Name
Introducing Precious Plastic

Recycling plastic made "easy" thanks to open source, this is all what the Precious Plastic project is about. For ecological purposes, to transform the plastic waste into a valuable material allowing makers to mould, inject or extrude plastic thanks to the large worldwide community and well documented processes or to learn about plastic and its properties, this project is fascinating.

My personal project : clean Penghu islands' beaches.

Guillaume, 30 something, french, geek at heart, maker during his free time and world traveler, decided to live on the other side and learn Chinese as an experiment. Probably a long one...

Vigo Brunar
Theater Round

talk description


Mike Ess
More than 30 years of Visiting Taiwan

Taiwan has made great strides in the past 30 years. Nowadays Taipei is a modern cosmopolitan city and it gets better and better every year.

Mike is a retired computer programmer and mathematician.

Being a Emergency Room Volunteer

Hospital ER is like a mini society. What is trust relationship among doctors, nurses and patients? How to manage urgency and stay calm when you see somebody's life in critical? How to helps patients to give needed help? I learned a lot and also realize how lucky I am to stay healthy.

Pinfan works at IBM Taiwan as a project manager for software testing project. She also love gardening and running in free time.

Daniel Wu
New Media Marketing Expansion

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Yuwen Yang
A New Twist on Jiuniang

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Tracy Rolling
Screenprinting, Cheap and Dirty

Screenprinting is one of the most democratic techniques you can find in art. The materials are cheap and easy to DIY. Tracy demonstrates the magic of simple screenprinting using stencils.

Tracy Rolling is the author of the Screenprinting: Cheep, Dirty, and At Home instructable, which was featured in the The Best of Instructables, in 2009. In addition to her many artistic pursuits, Tracy works as a Product Manager focused on emerging technology.


About Tracy Rolling